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“Be bold—game on!”
“I am a gamer. Not because I have no life, but because I have many.”
“An evening spent gaming is an evening worth heralding.”
“We’re all gamers.”

“It’s always bothered me that people think it’s a negative thing to play games or to be a gamer. My grandparents are gamers. They love card games. My aunts and uncles love bar games, like pool and darts. Playing card games or darts rarely associate to negative stereotypes, but somehow video games and the word gamer have been pigeonholed as bad things. A gamer is someone who likes to play games. Plain and simple. Just like with anything in life, balance and responsibility is key. Be cognizant of work/life balance. Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t blame games (video games or other) for people’s bad choices.” “Just because a person decides to work in video games or play games competitively full time, doesn’t make him/her less of a person.”

“Just because a person decides to work in video games or play games competitively full time, doesn’t make him or her less of a person.”
“There’s a gamer within us all.”

“I’m a human; I’m a gamer.”

“There are millions of people playing games. We can’t take the handful of those millions who are jerks and blame games for their actions. Gaming has nothing to do with it.”

“Being a gamer does not mean you have no life or have an unhealthy attachment to game play, or even that you have a career in competitive gaming. These stereotypes are simply wrong.”

“I like playing games; therefore, I’m a gamer.”

“A gamer is not a slacker, not an introvert, not a killer, not a loser, and not a criminal. A gamer is a person who likes to play games. And anyone connecting any of those negative terms to gaming is misinformed.”

“We need to stop saying gamers are bad and gamers are the cause of evil. Playing games has been going on since the dawn of time. We’re all gamers. And anyone trying to make us feel embarrassed or ashamed of playing a video game, or any other kind of game, is wrong.”
“The gamer in the game is what the firefighter is to the rescue: the hero.”

“Let’s show the world that we are all gamers. We all game. If you’ve made a game up with your kids, you are a gamer. If you’ve shown interest in any kind of interactive entertainment, you are a gamer.”

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