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Batman Double Team Icon
4 Stars Icon
Batman Double Team
Play as the super hero Batman and use your bat like moves gadgets to fight enemies in this action adventure game.
Ben 10 Cavern Run Icon
0 Stars Icon
Ben 10 Cavern Run
Help Ben 10 navigate his way through the cavern, while picking up as many powerups and transformation coins as possible. Use your mouse to form a track so that Ben 10 does not fall into the pits of the cavern.
Ben 10 Critical Impact Icon
0 Stars Icon
Ben 10 Critical Impact
Ben 10 must transform and blast all of the meteors scrolling towards him on the screen.
Bloody Rage Icon
0 Stars Icon
Bloody Rage
Fight it out with one of many possible characters in this this street fighter style fighting game. Be sure to get adequately trained at the beginning of the game.
Crash Bandicoot Online Icon
0 Stars Icon
Crash Bandicoot Online
Your mission in Crash Bandicoot online is to complete all 5 levels gathering as many diamonds as you can while avoiding getting blown up by explosive boxes hidden in this dangerous course.
Crazy Flasher 4 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Crazy Flasher 4
Navigate your way through the course while fighting all obstacles that come your way. Fight any enemy that get in your way and pick up special weapons and items that aid in your mission.
Cubefield Icon
0 Stars Icon
How far can you steer through the cubefield maze in this game of skill. The further you get, the color of the cubes change and the faster the game goes.
DareDevil Icon
0 Stars Icon
In this stunt daredevil game your goal is to perform tricks to earn points. As the the levels advance the jumps become longer and you can use points to upgrade your bike.
Fighter Plane Dogfight Icon
0 Stars Icon
Fighter Plane Dogfight
Shoot down enemy fighter planes and destroy ground attack weapons. You play a fighter pilot in World War I. Avoid getting shot down or colliding with the ground.
Flash Sonic Icon
0 Stars Icon
Flash Sonic
Play this classic game of Sonic the Hedgehog. This is a small demo of the original classic Sonic game and brings back memories of the original Sonic game made by Sega.
Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3
Oh no, a horde of mutant mice have invaded the basement with jet packs and automatic machines guns. Help Fuzzy McFluffenstein attack the mice in this unbelievably cute and gory game.
Hulk Smash Up Icon
0 Stars Icon
Hulk Smash Up
Play as the Incredible Hulk and destroy the city. Crawl on top of buildings, vehicles, and destroy all that gets in your path to gain points.
Playing With Fire 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Playing With Fire 2
A bomberman style game where you must layout sticks of dynamite to destroy your opponents. Use the portal whenever possible to avoid getting blown up.
Roller Coaster Rush Icon
0 Stars Icon
Roller Coaster Rush
Rush through the roller coaster track at the theme park as fast as possible without crashing or losing passengers in this addicting game of roller coaster rush. Create the best, award winning roller coaster ride of the year.
Run Jerry Run Icon
0 Stars Icon
Run Jerry Run
Play as Jerry the mouse from Tom and Jerry and help him reach his home while Tom the cat is chasing him. Use the space bar to jump over objects that block Jerry's path.
Spiderman City Raid Icon
0 Stars Icon
Spiderman City Raid
Swing through and raid the city with Spiderman as the screen scrolls forward. Keep slinging webs and jump from object to object without falling off of the screen in this addicting Spiderman flash game. Spiderman must plan his swings perfectly through this city raid, or falls to his demise.
Spiderman Mary Jane Rescue Icon
0 Stars Icon
Spiderman Mary Jane Rescue
Use your web swinging skills as Spiderman to navigate through the city in order to rescue Mary Jane. It is important that you time your jump of the web at just the right time so you donít fall to the ground.
Spongebob Anchovy Assault Icon
0 Stars Icon
Spongebob Anchovy Assault
Spongebob Squarepants and his friends must fight off the evil anchovy. Pick a character and kick the anchovy the furthest distance and throw objects at them at just the right time in order to increase your distance in this game.
SpongeBob Delivery Dilemma Icon
0 Stars Icon
SpongeBob Delivery Dilemma
Help SpongeBob SquarePants deliver ingredients to the Krusty Krab without getting out off the road in this game. Avoid other vehicles and use the space bar to launch pickle missiles to those who get in your way. However, use your pickles wisely, since you only get to use it three times in each race.
SpongeBob Patty Panic Icon
0 Stars Icon
SpongeBob Patty Panic
SpongeBob SquarePants is on a mission to construct four crabby patties in the fastest time possible without running into plankton or his henchmen in this flash game.
Superman Defender Icon
0 Stars Icon
Superman Defender
Superman Defender Defend the city from the oncoming meteor shower. Superman must defend the city by flying into as many meteors as he can before Metropolis is destroyed in this game.
Tails Cosmic Rush Icon
0 Stars Icon
Tails Cosmic Rush
Play as tails as if you were in a bonus stage while playing the original Sega Sonic the Hedgehog game. Move Tails side to side and up and down to collect as many rings as you can while avoiding the spikes and other traps.
Tails Nightmare Icon
5 Stars Icon
Tails Nightmare
Sonic the Hedgehog has become lost from his friend tails. Help Tails escape from this nightmare dimension and find his buddy Sonic.
Tarzan Jump Icon
0 Stars Icon
Tarzan Jump
Tarzan must jump around and swing on the vines in the jungle in order to collect all of the diamonds. Hurry and avoid all of the dangers in the jungle that might come up, which include water rapids, man eating plants, alligators, and white water rapids.
Taz Twister Island Icon
0 Stars Icon
Taz Twister Island
Taz is stranded on an island and it is your mission to help him find a way off by destroying everything and anything possible.
Tom and Jerry Refrigerator Raiders Icon
0 Stars Icon
Tom and Jerry Refrigerator Raiders
Play as either Tom or Jerry in this flash game in which Jerry is in the refrigerator dropping down pieces of cheese to another mouse, while Tom rolls balls to get in your way, or play as Tom where you throw water balloons at Jerry while he passes on the clothes line.
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