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About Us

The Gamer in You is on a mission to reveal the true meaning of the word gamer by asking: who are the people playing games? The answer is: all of us play games. Between card games, video games, board games, mobile games and edutainment games, all of us can call ourselves gamers. And The Gamer in You has proof! Visit our testimonials page.

Why Game

Why discover the gamer in you? All humans need time to unwind, because when we relax, our minds have the chance to process our daily stress and to rejuvenate. Games give people the means to enhance their lives. Games build confidence—especially video games. In video games, the player is the hero. The storylines in video games empower gamers to believe in themselves by giving direct feedback, i.e., “We couldn’t have won without you,” and, “Thank you so much; you saved us!”

How often in the real world do we get that kind of direct feedback or compliments? Not often. We face peer pressure in school. We starve for feedback in the workplace. At home, stress feeds negativity. And TV teaches us that we’re not good enough and we’ll lose. Games teach us that we’re epic and we’ll win. Through games we learn the habits of heroes—our batteries get jumpstarted.

Watch Daphne Bavelier’s TED talk on how video games can make our brains smarter, better, and faster. Other than that, personally I like to collect toy as well for example Halo Action Figure.

The Future of Gaming in VR

Source: Mashable You probably don't have a virtual reality headset. In that case, you might be wondering why "VR" has been the buzzword for "hot, new, possibly-a-fad tech" the last couple of years, occasionally serving as an easy tech punch line now that hoverboards...

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Gamer Quote

Add and share quotes here! We’re posting these quotes (and we’ll post yours too) on our social media avenues with one goal: we’re reshaping the term gamer for all. “Be bold—game on!” “I am a gamer. Not because I have no life, but because I have many.” “An evening...

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Game Types

Whether you enjoy social interaction, sports, puzzles, or travel, there is a game that can give you the fun-filled recreation you deserve. Compare this list with key categories that catch your eye, and you’ll see suggestions for games that may interest you! Also,...

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